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Welcome to MomMom! Around here we understand big families and busy moms.

Hi! I’m a real mom with real kids.  I am a proud mother to four. My home is loud and wild and full of life! I run on choccy biscuits so if you’re ever in town come on over to my house for a cup of coffee or tea and a choccy biscuit or two (the dairy free kind of course). Our family is very much a team – where everyone has a part to play and we all pitch in together.  With children ranging in age from preschool to high school we have quite the mix of activities and personalities going on!

My oldest son and only son is in high school currently studying for highers and runs on caffeine – when he isn’t involved in studying you can find him minecrafting or teaching swim lessons at the local pool.

My eldest daughter is an actress in the making, she loves performing and pretending she is on stage, enjoys singing and dancing and make believe, and also behaves a bit like diva at times.

Then there is my third child, the exclamation point on my family of 5 – she is always full of energy keeping us all on our toes! Her favorite activities are climbing, building and playing with everything she shouldn’t be playing with. Our home has become like Fort Knox since having her, to the point if anyone comes in our house they often find themselves climbing over the stairgate because they can’t figure out how to get through it, and they give up on trying to get into any of our cupboards.

My fourth child, is the youngest of our family and is just brand new. I often wonder what she thinks of the mad house at times. Her favourite activities are sleeping, feeding and pooing.

As a family we are always on the go. Here we understand big families and busy moms. My goal is to inspire other moms to embrace their parenting journey and enjoy their time with their family.  Raising children is hard work. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

A home is made of family, love and dreams. What do you like most about being a family?


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