A Letter To All The New Mums, You Are Not Alone

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Dear New Mum,

Congratulations and welcome to the next chapter of your life! Motherhood is an exciting, exhausting and an ever-evolving journey, whether you just had your first or fourth baby, becoming a mother is profound, every time. Let go of having to “do it all”. Be realistic about what you can and can’t do. Stop “should be” thinking. Let go of thinking things “should be” a certain way when it isn’t. Accept how things are in the moment. Let go of feeling guilty. No mum is “perfect”. Please don’t judge yourself. You will make mistakes, and that’s ok. Sometimes the best learning happens after we’ve made a mistake. Do reach out to supportive people in your life. Remember, no one can read your mind, so it’s important to reach out. Continue to reach out and talk to those who are kind, non judgmental and understand you as a person. Reach out and make connections with other women who you relate to and feel supportive of one another. Do not compare yourself to anyone. We are all doing the best we can. Take fifteen for yourself. Make yourself a priority by taking care of yourself. Remember, motherhood isn’t an event, it’s a journey, it’s just beginning and it’s going to be amazing. So be good to yourself because you’re going to be a great mum. In fact, you already are.

With best wishes



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