A Vegan Chocolate Dream Come True With iChoc's Choco Cookie

Like pretty much anyone in the world,  I LOVE chocolate! It goes without saying that I was super excited when my husband gave me this chocolate bar on Valentines Day (or maybe I’m just easily pleased)! I had never heard of iChoc until that day and I can honestly say it became my valentine (sorry, M). iChoc from Vivani are renowned for their vegan chocolate bars and this is no exception. iChoc brought me Choco Cookie (well, it was actually my husband who brought it) an utterly gorgeous, crispy, creamy vegan milk chocolate bar (80g). WOW! It was melt in the mouth heaven with little chunks of oreo style cookies and a customary beautiful wrapper just what I would expect from a chocolate bar that wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd. iChoc was a very special chocolate bar indeed as it was the ultimate indulgence on Valentines Day!

The iChoc range is all organic and comes in a range of flavours. The range is all vegan but isn’t suitable for milk allergy sufferers due to it being made in an environment with milk. The faux-milk comes in the form of rice powder. It’s used to good effect here, as this bar was heavenly creaminess and who needs a dairy when iChoc’s vegan chocolate bar achieves perfection without it!

The Choco Cookie flavour has chunks of chocolate biscuit embedded in the rice milk chocolate. The cookie pieces are similar in taste to Oreo and who needs a Oreo when you can have this! The cookie style pieces really complimented the chocolate. It felt very moreish! I loved the crunchy biscuit like bits inside along with the chocolates creamy texture that helped it to melt in the mouth. The chocolate bar’s size is perfect to share with a loved one or to devour alone (psst, I pretty much ate the whole chocolate bar to myself, it was utterly delicious, but I did have a little help from my toddler who thought it was yummmmm!, and my eldest daughter who commented “this is really nice, is there anymore?”).

Each amazing bite was packed with the perfect balance of flavours and textures to ensure that this bar was definitely a hit in our house! It was sweet and rich, but I enjoyed it very much (probably a little too much, it left me wanting more)! The iChoc chocolate was amazing and I will definitely be trying out their other flavours (with a little help from my toomanycinderellas of course). I highly recommend you give iChoc a try. It will appeal to all you chocoholics out there whether you’re vegan or not!

Have you tried iChoc? What is your favourite flavour?

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Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice drink powder, cocoa cookie (wheat flour, raw cane sugar, palm fat (RSPO certified), cocoa powder, sugar beet syrup, sea salt), hazelnut paste, bourbon vanilla extract. Allergens: Contains wheat and nuts. Not used as ingredients but traces may be present: milk and shell fruits.

Notes: iChoc is a German chocolate brand born from a simple idea; vegan chocolate lovers should no longer have to go without the chocolate they love! iChoc is available in health food stores across the country and online retailers.

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