Finish the sentence, becoming mum has made........

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

A journey to motherhood unique, just as babies are unique, it has different experiences and different challenges. This means finding my unique values as a mother and basing my decisions and behaviour day to day on these values rather than on avoiding pain, on worrying thoughts or on what other people say. There is no-one else here to judge me and no pressure to achieve anything in particular as a mum.

My baby is alert and calm and is just happy to be with me and doesn’t need anything in particular right now. Somehow, i know that in this special magical place, i can do whatever i like as a mum with the guarantee that no harm will come to my baby and we are both completely protected, so there is no pressure to get anything right. This is a special time for me to enjoy my baby and to enjoy being a mum without the need to get anything ‘right’, without fear of judgement from others and without pressure from the outside world.

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