Forgetting children's names

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

I love it when you receive a Christmas card from the relative who only ever communicates to you once a year at Christmas, and the card is minus two of your children, if only that was a reality! My tactic for never forgetting a family’s fourth’s child’s name (clever use of a list) but the default tactic for covering up memory loss is to scribe, ‘M, L and family’. I remember reading my parents’ cards when I was young and seeing through this ploy, and being the sensitive soul I found this deeply offensive. It was somehow less offensive for the sender to leave my siblings and my name (or allusion to) off all together. Every effort should be made to include all the family and mention them all by name.

Has this ever happened to you, are you missing some of your children from the christmas card? Do you include everyone’s names or play it safe and put ‘and family’. Lets us know your tips for sending cards for any special occasion and how not to forget everyone’s name on the card.


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