Inspired by traditional Finnish baby boxes - with a British twist

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

New mums in Scotland are being offered free baby boxes to ensure every baby is given the best possible start in life.

If you have opened a newspaper or been online in the last few days, you will have seen Scotlands baby box initiative. Essentially, a cardboard box filled with essentials for newborn babies. Every baby in Scotland born on or after the 15th august 2017 will get one, mums can register for one with their midwife. Under the initiative, all babies due on or after 15 August 2017 will be eligible to receive a box full of essential items to support parents in Scotland, aimed at giving every child a good start in life by tackling inequality and promoting health. However, almost a quarter of new parents have turned down a free baby box since the scheme was introduced in 2017.

In fact, there is much to be welcomed about the arrival of the baby box. The box includes items, such as clothes, bedding and blankets, worth about £160. With pride and excitement, I pulled out one good quality item after another, a lovely printed baby vest, sleep suit, blanket, toy, the poem included in the box about love for the new child.

The concept behind the boxes is two fold. First, it provides every child with the equipment to start life. Second, its a reminder that all parents in Scotland are equal in the eyes of the Scottish government whose aim is to make every child matter and every family matter through the initiative. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, you still get the box.

In theory, the baby box means you could have a room full of babies all wearing the same cutesy sleep suit and all cuddling the same toy, and once your baby has outgrown the baby box, it makes for a perfect keepsake/storage box for those memorable baby items.

Did you receive a babybox, what did you think to it? Did you turn down the offer of the free babybox, what were your reasons for this?


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