Little Less Structure

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Many families nowadays including ours have a habit of over scheduling and seem to go from one activity to another. Our New Year resolution is to make the commitment with the family to not put too many things on the calendar and to take the opportunity to have more free time.

It is important to allow our children to have a bit of unstructured playtime as it helps them create independence, use their imagination and creativity as well as help with their socials skills. It is important to remind everyone in the family that it is just as important to relax!

‘i love my life because it gave me you, i love you because you are my life. happy new year’.

Chapter one of our new adventure starts today! 2018 – we’re ready for you!

Whether it’s more kisses, cuddles, or family bonding time. What do you hope 2018 will bring for you and your little one?


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