Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Hey everyone. Just checking in to see if you R OK?

“R U OK?” these three little words can make a real difference to those who really aren't okay. “R U OK?” is a national day of action dedicated to reminding us to check in regularly with family, friends and colleagues.

Breaking down barriers of silence is the first step to letting people know they belong, they are cared for and they are not alone.

Connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference to those who may be struggling.

Supporting one another through life's ups and downs is something we all need to do. We have all got what it takes to ask, “R U OK?” and support those struggling with life.

Everyone can take part in R U OK? Day and the first important step is to ask “R U OK?” So why not start the conversation today. We encourage you to take time out of your day, today or any other day to ask those around you such a simple question, “R U OK?” With one simple chat you could save a life. “R U OK?” It’s an easy question. It is a question Gavin Larkin wished he had asked before his father committed suicide in 1995. Founder of the not-for-profit organisation R U OK? A reminder that any day is the day to ask “R U OK?” You don’t need to be an expert – you just need to be ready to listen.

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