The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation - Is It Worth Your Fiver?

Deciem is like the mother of all things skincare, they own and operate over 10 brands – the Ordinary being one. The Ordinary from Deciem promises effective products at affordable prices and the Coverage Foundation is described as a “high-spreadability pigment suspension system with high coverage“.

My first impressions were a bit mixed, first glance the bottle felt so small but 30ml is the standard size of a foundation bottle for most brands. I suppose some brands use more packaging than others. I’ve got used to the size now, in-fact it’s perfect for travel! The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation – comes in a handy pump dispenser and my favourite feature is the pumps twist-to-lock system so you can throw it into your bag, and not have spillage. It’s non oily, with a cream consistency and more pigmented than the serum foundation range and gives more coverage and has a SPF 15. The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation is more suitable to those who need more concealment. I have blemishes so this foundation suits my skin and it easily covers anything. The longevity is great, the finish is natural, not too glowy, not too matte.

When applied to my face, I was instantly surprised at how gently and smoothly it went on. For one, the shade I purchased was a PERFECT match – and it literally left my skin feeling, and looking flawless, which is not altogether surprising, coming from a company that is all about skincare, first. The foundation looked and felt like silk on my skin and did not cling onto any unwanted areas whatsoever. It didn’t accentuate my pores which is a must in my book! I applied one pump for my face and half a pump for under my eyes and I didn’t need any concealer! The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation is super affordable costing just £5.90 for 30mls, in keeping with the company’s low cost business model. It’s a perfect price that you cant go wrong with. Considering it’s a steal in price, this foundation really is great. The verdict? I absolutely love this foundation and it’s so affordable. I definitely think you should give this a go. I’m impressed, so go on, run out and get yours now!

There are currently 21 shades available, but it’s in such crazy demand and so widely raged about, it’s sold out online and on a email waitlist.  The “Y” indicates it is yellow-toned, “N” indicates a neutral tone, (P = pink and R = red), and the “G” indicates a very fine metallic gold effect (S = silver effect, and most shades do not have a metallic effect at all). The Ordinary Colours foundation is worth trying but finding the right shade can be a little tricky. If in doubt, go for a neutral base unless you know if you have pink or yellow undertones. Here is the shade guide: Deciem

0P ~ Very fair with pink undertones 0N ~ Very fair neutral

0NS ~ Very fair neutral with silver highlights

1P ~ Fair with pink undertones 1N ~ Fair neutral

2N ~ Light neutral 2P ~ Light with pink undertones 2Y ~ Light with yellow undertones 2YG ~ Light yellow with gold highlights

0P ~ Light medium with pink undertones 0N ~ Light medium neutral 0YG ~ Light medium with yellow undertones and gold highlights

1P ~ Medium with pink undertones 1Y~ Medium with yellow undertones

0R ~ Medium dark with red undertones 0Y ~ Medium dark with yellow undertones

1R ~ Dark with red undertones

1Y ~ Dark with yellow undertones

2N ~ Deep neutral 2R ~ Deep with red undertones

3N ~ Very deep neutral

If you’ve already tried this foundation, I’d love to know if you like it too!

(This post is not sponsored/affiliated by Deciem)

Notes: Pair this foundation with the Ordinary’s silicone primer and together it will keep your skin looking pretty fabulous all day long. This foundation is: Alcohol, oil, nut, gluten, soy AND the company is cruelty FREE. Not to mention it’s also vegan. Deciem was launched by Brandon Truaxe in 2013. “We decided to do 10 things at once and called our craziness DECIEM, coming from decima, the [L]atin word for 10 in a sequence.” The company is based in Toronto, ON, Canada, and currently has stores in Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, and the UK.

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